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There Is No Other's Quite Like Mother's

Mother’s Pizza Parlour and Spaghetti opened its doors to its inaugural location in Hamilton, Ontario in 1970.

Designed as a family style restaurant, it quickly became known for its warm atmosphere, checkered tablecloths and tiffany lamps, along with providing Canadian families with great tasting homestyle meals at reasonable prices.
The popularity of the Mother’s concept proved to be a successful one, growing to over 100 locations across Canada in a short period of time.
Mother’s Pizza Parlour and Spaghetti House truly became a home away from home to countless numbers of families.

During its time, Mother’s Pizza Parlour and Spaghetti House became home to countless family get-togethers such as birthday parties, anniversary’s and graduations.
One of Mother’s most notable marketing initiatives was the hiring of film and television star Dennis Weaver, as its company spokesman for a series of television commercials. A perfect fit to promote the restaurants down-home rustic concept.
Additionally, franchisees made sure that Mother’s Pizza was a key part of the local community through various sponsorships and involvement with many charitable and community-based events. Thus, creating lifelong memories for generations of Canadians.
During the early 80’s Mother’s Pizza was sold to a consortium that included a number of then current Toronto Blue Jay players. The group included Ernie Whitt, Jessie Barfield and Lloyd Moseby.
This group eventually sold the Mother’s Corporation to Little Caesars LLC. Little Caesars® Pizza then began to convert most of the Mother’s take-out and delivery locations into Little Caesars® Pizza stores and close the full-service locations.
A sad day for many, however what remains to this day is a brand with a tremendous amount of equity that’s firmly engrained in Canada’s history and in the hearts of millions of Canadians.
To the shelves! In 2020, Mother’s Pizza recognized that this legendary brand has broad appeal throughout Canada and looking for a way to efficiently satisfy that demand, Mother’s Pizza developed a line of their delicious frozen prepared pizzas to be sold at grocery stores.